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Photos of Each Stage of Treatment

1. External Facial Assessment

The 2014 Cheap Original Nike Air Max/Nike Shox With Big Discount first thing I do when I meet a horse is to check the overall condition of the horse (weight, muscle, check droppings and if necessary check heart rate and temperature). I then palpate the TMJ for signs of discomfort (see picture). After this I check side to side movement of the jaw, front and back movement of the jaw, check occlusion and assess the condition of the incisors.

2. Float the First Two Premolars

After my external facial assessment I put the speculum (gag) on and check all four arcades of teeth (with a headlight if necessary). Sometimes horses may feel a little nervous so I remove the gag and float the first two teeth on both upper arcades to remove the sharp edges (see picture). Generally the nervous horse will realise what I have done and feel more comfortable with me floating the rest of the teeth with the gag on.

3. Upper Arcades

With the speculum on I float the upper arcades (an arcade is a row of teeth; a horse have two upper arcades and two lower arcades). I concentrate on the buccal (cheek side) edges of the teeth as this is where the sharp hooks grow on the upper arcades. Some work may necessary on the table surface of the teeth.

4. Break

It is important to give every horse a break regularly during dentistry. I try to give them a break every 5 minutes where I rinse the mouth out and close the gag. As I am sure you know when you visit the dentist, it is very uncomfortable to have you mouth open for too long!

5. Lower Arcade

On the lower arcades I concentrate on the lingual (tongue side) edges of the teeth to remove the sharp hooks. Again as with the upper arcades some work may be necessary on the table surface of the teeth but it is important that I maintain the correct surface angle of the teeth.

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6. Upper 11s

The upper 11s are the last teeth of the arcade and are positioned right up near the eye. This is probably the most difficult but most important teeth to float as there is so little space back there and the cheeks are so close to the tooth that if left sharp it is extremely painful for the horse. I have a special slimline float especially made to fit right to the back of the mouth.

7. Incisor Alignment

Finally, I check that the alignment is ok and the angle is acceptable on the incisors. I rinse the mouth out for the last time.

I also check side to side, front and back movement of the jaw and occlusion before I leave the horse. I also like to see them eat.

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